• Acquittal First Degree Murder

    Our client was charged with First Degree Murder. He categorically denied any involvement at all. He would not accept any plea offers, even if the result of the plea would be him going home. So we had a trial. He was in jail for three years, six months, and sixteen days before he was found not guilty. The deceased in that case had an altercation with my client a few days before the shooting, and that was all the police needed to decide that my client was the perpetrator. The victim was at a large party with a band. It was dark, smoky, crowded, and loud at that party. There was a lady at the party who swore she saw my client shoot the victim, that she performed CPR on the victim, and she ran outside to see my client hitting her car. She called 911 about her car, not about the shooting. When police got there, they saw no blood on her at all, and her story didn’t make much sense. She also admitted she’d drank about a dozen shots of alcohol that night. Anyway, the DA’s office called her as their “star witness”, and she was just an awful witness. We were able to show the jury there was no way my client could have committed this murder. The jury came back with an acquittal, and he got to go home that day.

  • Not Guilty Especially Aggravated Robbery & Aggravated Robbery

    Our client was charged with Especially Aggravated Robbery and Aggravated Robbery, both serious felonies that require 85% service time upon conviction. Basically, two guys were robbed at gunpoint by two other guys just off Bell Road here in Nashville. One guy was shot in the shin, but the other guy was not hurt. They said the shooters were “tall, thin black guys with dreads”. Police were notified. A Metro Detective was driving down Bell Road and saw two guys on the sidewalk who matched the description given by the victims. The Detective turns his blue lights on, and the two guys on Bell Road ran and hid in a dumpster at an apartment complex nearby. The two guys were smoking a blunt when the Detective blue lighted them, and that’s why they ran. Police eventually found them in the dumpster. One of those guys is my client. My client was in jail for two years, four months, and a day before he was found not guilty at trial. When we were finally able to have the trial, we convinced the jury that my client was not guilty.